Healthcare Operations in Today’s Work-from-Home Environment: Best Practices and Outcomes


In this webinar,  thought leaders share best practices and outcomes of successful healthcare work-from-home programs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the healthcare work-from-home movement, but the trend of deploying teams to work from home has been active for years. This webinar will explore best practices, proven by years of experience, to maximize remote workforce productivity, team and individual performance, quality assurance, communications, staff morale and more. In the session, outcomes of proven methods and technology solutions will be discussed followed by Q&A with industry thought leaders.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the drivers behind the work-from-home movement, prior to COVID.
  2. Explore the impact of COVID on work-from-home deployment.
  3. Describe the attributes of successful work-from-home teams.
  4. List performance measures and metrics used to measure performance and QA of work-from-home teams.
  5. Assess best practices used by high performing remote teams.
  6. Discuss technology solutions used to hardwire best practices.
  7. Identify outcomes resulting from a high performing work-from-home deployment.


  • Lori Young, Client Services, Tesia
  • Meg Michael, CNIO, Operations, Vyne
  • Tim Hoskins, Technology and Infrastructure, Vyne
  • Scott Overholt, Business Development, Vyne
  • Nicole Smith, Vice President Payer & Partner Services, Vyne