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Find out why more than 800 hospitals, 75,000 dental practice offices and over 800 payers across the U.S. use Vyne solutions every day.

Vyne solutions give health systems, dental practices, and insurance plans and payers the ability to exchange health information in a compliant manner to improve their revenue cycle management processes. The company’s Trace® platform for health systems along with the RemoteLite and FastAttach® services for dental practices remain the leading software in their respective categories and have helped Vyne maintain its 13-year presence on the Inc. 5000 list.

Vyne Medical

Vyne Medical empowers hospitals and health systems across the country to save money, increase productivity and deliver greater employee and patient satisfaction. The Trace solution offers tools to capture any interaction, tie it to the patient record and make it immediately accessible across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination and reimbursement of care.

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Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental provides compliant electronic solutions that enable dental practices across the US to be more efficient in their claim and attachment processes saving both time and money. The RemoteLite and FastAttach software accelerate reimbursements for dental practices by electronically delivering claims and claim attachments to over 800 dental plans and payers.

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Payers & Health Plans

The RemoteLite and FastAttach electronic claims and attachment solutions connect payers and health plans across the US to dental and medical providers for improved claim adjudication. Payers can reduce their inbound paper documentation from providers and streamline their claims review and adjudication processes with solutions from Vyne Dental.

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