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Vyne Medical’s Trace® platform is HITRUST CSF Certified for information security and provides convenient access to critical healthcare communication – voice, fax and image – for improved financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance and patient safety/quality. Trace provides tools to capture any interaction, tie it to the patient record and make it immediately accessible across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination and reimbursement of care. Records can be used to prevent and overturn denials, increase POS collections, improve productivity and provide better service to patients and physicians.

Vyne Medical facilitates the exchange of unstructured documentation between providers and health plans.

We are one of the largest health information handlers (HIH) certified to provide an exchange gateway for health systems submitting medical documentation to CMS. Our FastAttach® software efficiently manages medical claim attachments and electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD). Providers using esMD for claims are proven to experience quicker turnaround of claims than paper, fewer improper payments and reduced costs associated with submission of documentation.

Vyne Medical® serves a growing base of over 800 active hospital and health system clients nationwide.

Best practices are hardwired through technology solutions proven to help hospitals achieve sustainable top performance.

Our solutions create a unified view of patient health data, capturing information at the point of exchange and making it available at the point of need for faster response times, smoother transitions, improved patient experience and better health outcomes.

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Navigate the complex healthcare IT landscape with Vyne Medical’s proven suite of digital fax, voice and image management solutions.

Combine disparate sources of data into a single, secure and integrated repository for complete, searchable view of information surrounding the patient.

We give health systems a way to safely manage and share unstructured data that is often stored outside the electronic health record, creating a more comprehensive view of information exchanged across the continuum of care.

Capture and connect interactions with patients, payers and providers – everything from referrals and scheduling, to registrations and discharges. Regardless of whether information is received via fax, phone, in-person, or online, Trace® from Vyne Medical provides technology solutions to streamline workflows, enhance patient experiences and create a healthier revenue cycle.

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